FCC and CE Mark Product Testing and Development

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We can test to 18 GHz in the GTEM and on the Open Area Test Site




Contact Information:

Dennis Michael King
EMC Engineer
1822 Skyway Dr. Unit J
Longmont, Co., 80504
Lab: (303) 684-6650
Cell: (303) 746-0611
Fax: (303) 684-2919


The Lab has changed quite a bit since this 2004 picture! We now have a 3M Fully Anechoic Room!

Here you can see some of the test equipment we have. You can see an HP8566B Spectrum Analyzer with QP adapter and a HP83752B Synthesized Sweeper (20 GHz). We use the sweeper to cal our cables and pre-amps up to 18 GHz. We also use the sweeper as a signal source to do Immunity to 18 GHz. We have RF Amps that cover up to 18 GHz. In the background you can see our ESD and Conducted emissions table. We have a Receiver for true Average measurements and two LISN's. To the right of the Conducted table you can see one of the two BIG doors for easy access to move equipment in and out. Your truck can pull up next to that door for loading and unloading. Above the GTEM is a heating and air conditioning unit for the entire 4,100 square foot lab.

GTEM side of the Lab

Here again you can see our 5317 GTEM, re-work area (complete with ESD mat microscope, re-work tools, etc.), and customer lounge area. The customer lounge area has a phone and T1 internet connection for customer use. You can check your e-mail, down load schematics, check the web and send out project updates. We had a shower installed in the bathroom just in case guys want to exercise during lunch and take a quick shower before we get back to work. In the re-work area I have most of the common emi fix material and lots of surface mount components like resistors, caps and emi surface mount parts. We also have lots of hand tools for constructing experiments. Quick note on the GTEM, if a unit can fit on a standard oats tabletop we can test it. If it's bigger than that we would need to test the unit in the OATS area.

Open Area Test Site (OATS) side of the lab with a 30 x 50 ground plane

We reserved about half of the total 4100 sq. ft. of the lab for the OATS. The ceiling is about 5 meters high and the 30 x 50 ft ground plane is covered by rubber floor mat material. We've done a 3 meter site cal and both vertical and horizontal look good after 200 MHz. We're planning improvements to bring the site into compliance below 200 MHz as well. We have good correlation up to 10 GHz between the OATS and the GTEM. We would also expect it to correlate up to 18 GHz since the VSWR data on the GTEM looks good. For large units that won't fit on a turntable we can move the antenna around the unit under test. For available power we have three phase 208V.

Duplicate Antenna sets for site attenuation testing and Emissions from 30-1,000 MHz

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