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We can test to 18 GHz in the GTEM and on the Open Area Test Site




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Dennis Michael King
EMC Engineer
1822 Skyway Dr. Unit J
Longmont, Co., 80504
Lab: (303) 684-6650
Cell: (303) 746-0611
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GTEM Testing

  • Don't believe the "Myth's" - GTEM's are FAST and they correlate to Open Area Test Sites!
  • Many tests that are done at expensive full compliance sites can be done for a lot less money at pre-compliance sites such as EMI Test Lab
  • Anything that can fit on a standard Open Area Test Site (OATS) turntable can be tested inside a 5317 GTEM - including cables.
  • Tests are done according to IEC Standard 61000-4-20
  • IEC 61000-4-20 also contains the fields and waves math that our software uses for the GTEM to OATS correlation
  • Typical Radiated Emissions scans from 30-1,000 MHz can be done in as little as 30 minutes!!
  • Data is presented in easy to compare graph's and Excel spreadsheets
  • All data on the graph is "total radiated power" across the chart - the equivalent to "maximizing" every reading from 30-1,000 MHz on an OATS, which would take several days (compared to a GTEM's 30 minutes!)
  • GTEM's are ideal for checking Engineering Changes (A / B testing), such as component changes, new pcb layout, emi gasket changes, etc.
  • GTEM's also are ideal for preliminary searches for "worst case" mode of operation required in all emissions standards - it's easy to miss things on an OATS when only "spot checking" frequencies
  • Automated software controls the test equipment for more repeatable test results
Engineering Development in the GTEM
  • When difficult emissions problems come along time to market is always a critical issue - there's no faster way to conduct experiments and collect data than to use a GTEM
  • Use our esd safe re-work area, complete with surface mount emi components and microscope to solve your problems right here in the lab
  • A T1 line is also available for downloading schematics and drawings
  • Working together with Dennis, problems can be solved quickly without impacting your "time to market" or breaking your budget
Open Area Testing (OATS)
  • We have an indoor 3 to 10 meter pre-compliance OATS site that sits on a 30 x 50 ft. ground plane
  • Ideal for equipment too large to fit in the GTEM
  • Data is taken per ANSI C63.4 guidelines for OATS testing
  • We have taken data between the OATS, GTEM and local test labs and found that the OATS and GTEM are both excellent predictor's of passing or failing at the full compliance labs
  • Don't pay expensive full compliance lab rates for problem solving when we can do it for much less!
Conducted Emissions and ESD
  • For Power Line Conducted Emissions testing, we have a test area that meets the C63.4 standard with two 15 amp LISN's, one for the EUT and the other for support equipment
  • ESD testing is also available
Radiated Immunity
  • Using the GTEM - we have signal sources and power amplifiers to do Radiated Immunity from 10 kHz to 18 GHz
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5317 GTEM - the largest GTEM made by EMCO. 30-1,000 MHz in as little as 30 minutes!
Duplicate Antenna sets for site attenuation testing and Emissions from 30-1,000 MHz