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EMI Test Lab can test to 18 GHz in the GTEM and on the Open Area Test Site


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Dennis Michael King
Senior EMC Engineer
1822 Skyway Dr. Unit J
Longmont, Co., 80504
Lab: (303) 684-6650
Cell: (303) 746-0611
Fax: (303) 684-2919


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  • EMI Test Lab helps Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Pass the Global Standards for Radiated Emissions and other CE Mark related tests
  • Save Money at EMI Test Lab GTEM to predict Passing or Failing results at expensive compliance labs
  • When "Time to Market" is an issue use EMI Test Labs GTEM for quick problem solving
  • Typical Radiated Emissions scans from 30-1,000 MHz can be done in as little as 30 minutes!!
  • Check Design modifications and Engineering changes without going to expensive full compliance labs
  • Excellent correlation between EMI Test Labs GTEM and Open Area Test Sites
  • Many companies now use GTEM's for full compliance to FCC and European CISPR standards!
  • EMI Test Labs 5317 GTEM is the largest model EMCO made
  • Use EMI Test Labs 3 to 10 meter indoor pre-compliance site for larger equipment
  • Large warehouse doors for easy access to our 4,100 sq. ft. Lab
  • EMI Test Labs Open Area Test Site and the GTEM can test from 10 MHz to 18 GHz
  • Work with an EMC Engineer (33 years of experience) during all testing, no hidden extra charges for Design Advice
  • All scan data in easy to evaluate charts and Excel spreadsheets
  • EMI Test Lab is conveniently located 5 minutes East of Longmont, 20 minutes East of Boulder and 45 minutes North of Denver International Airport Map



Customer testimonial

Jim Jones Sr. Read/Write Engineer at Cornice, Inc.

I had an urgent need to solve an emissions issue with our product. Working with EMI Test Lab in the GTEM, we were able to take measurements, make modifications to the product, retake the measurements and gauge our results, all in a very reasonable amount of time.

I found EMI Test Lab to be an ideal work environment for real time development on a very complex issue (radiated emissions). The resources available there reduced the amount of materials that I need to bring, and I was never held up because I needed something I had forgotten to bring.

Having access to the internet, using their T1 line, let me log into work and allowed me to do other work as well as keeping management informed of my progress.

I highly recommend EMI Test Lab as a tool for real time EMC development!

Thanks Dennis

Jim Jones

Sr. Staff Read/Write Engineer
Cornice, Inc

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5317 GTEM - the largest GTEM made by EMCO. 30-1,000 MHz in as little as 30 minutes!
Duplicate Antenna sets for site attenuation testing and Emissions from 30-1,000 MHz
"I have enlisted Dennis's help on several occasions in packaging electronic products for the telecom industry and have never been disappointed. Dennis's experience, creativity, and in depth EMC knowledge makes him a very valuable resource. Dennis's Input not only allowed me to meet FCC requirements but saved me time and money through early up front testing and adoption of his design ideas."

Blake Mynatt
Senior Mechanical Design Engineer