FCC and CE Mark Product Testing and Development

"It's a Win Win Solution!"

5317 GTEM - the largest GTEM made by EMCO. 30-1,000 MHz in as little as 30 minutes!

Outsource to America

Any product that can fit on a tabletop or in a rack up to 4 1/2 ft. tall can be tested in our GTEM

Contact Information:

Dennis Michael King
EMC Engineer
1822 Skyway Dr. Unit J
Longmont, Co., 80504
Lab: (303) 684-6650
Cell: (303) 746-0611
Fax: (303) 684-2919

Problem Solving
Problem Solving - Troubleshooting - Mitigation
  • When it comes to solving EMI problems quickly, there's no substitute for over 20 years of experience!
  • Work together with Dennis King who has over 20 years of experience helping literally hundreds of Engineers solve difficult EMC/EMI problems
  • When time to market is an issue fast data collection is crucial to success of your project
  • Using automated software there is no faster way to collect Accurate, Repeatable, Emissions data than a GTEM - data is presented in a full graph across the spectrum as well as Excel tabular data so you can make your own charts!
  • It's typical to be able to run 10 to 15 full scans from 30 - 1,000 MHz in a single day making problem solving much faster.
  • Being able to see the entire spectrum in a picture gives accurate comparisons from one experiment to the next.
  • Since the charts are based on "total radiated power" there are no last minute surprises from moving the failing frequency to another part of the spectrum - unlike expensive full compliance open area test sites where only the few "maximized signals" represent the highest amplitudes at particular frequencies
  • If your product is larger than table top size we can trouble shoot it on our 3 to 10 meter indoor site
  • We are fully stocked with just about every emi component you will need to fix virtually any problem
  • We also have power tools to quickly solve mechanical design issues
  • Our re-work station, complete with microscope, is stocked with most surface mount ferrites, capacitors and resistors that you would need
  • We have near field E and H field probes to check circuit board noise sources
  • We've seen most of the EMI "tricks of the trade" over the years and can train you to solve your own circuit level problems
  • Experienced in testing "shielding effectiveness" up to 40 GHz - we can quantify your prototype enclosure for shielding before you even have prototype electronics
  • Our approach is to work together with your Development Engineers so future products will have the benefit of lessons learned
  • With a pro-active development approach to EMI, we can help you beat your competitors to market!